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  Book Over The Phone Or Online! 

Book With Us In One of 3 Ways:
Save Time & Money By Booking
1. via Phone - Call (206) 486-0025
Order Online Securely -
2. via Paypal by Clicking Here
3. via Amazon  - by Clicking Here

Booking With Us Has Never Been Easier!

Choose an Option Below -

1.) Get More Info on a FREE Trial 30 min lesson!

    Call Us Right Now at (206)486-0025 for details. 

2.) Get A Discounted Lesson thru our Amazon page - Click Here

2b.)Continue With Lessons With Us Thru Amazon (after trial lesson) - Click Here


3.) Choose To Work With Us Directly And Pay Thru Our Paypal Link by Clicking Here.


New for 2018- Celebrity Music Lessons -  (See Below)

You Wont Believe What Rock, Country, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, & Jazz Artists

We Will Be Adding To Our Teachers List.

Slightly More Expensive? Yes.

But Sometimes You Get What You Pay For!

It's definitely a huge bargain compared to those Celebrity Rock N Roll Camps!

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